Sugoi Fushigi Show was started in 2020. Our aim is to introduce and promote science fiction and related media from Japan and its neighbors to the rest of the world.

A note on Japanese names: Japanese names on this site are in the order of family names followed by given names.


Yashima Yugen

Novelist. “Hosshoji the Rocket Temple” won the 9th Sogen SF Short Story Prize. “Final Anchors” won the grand prix of the 5th Nikkei Hoshi Awards.

Website: https://yashimayugen.com/en/

Twitter: @yugen_en

Osawa Hirotaka

Dr. Hirotaka Osawa is an assistant professor in University of Tsukuba. His research field is in human-agent interaction, including development of anthropomorphic devices, simulation for social agent using social games, and humanity studies using science fictions. His own research focuses on how human-like appearance and attitude improves interaction between a user and machines. He also focuses on how social intelligence would improve our society. Dr. Osawa received his PhD in Engineering, MS and BS in Computer Science from Keio University.

Website: http://hiroosa.com/

Twitter: @hiroosa

Miyamoto Dohjin

Dr. Miyamoto Dohjin is a science writer and researcher. As a researcher at the University of Tsukuba, he studies the role of fiction in the real world. His major works are the co-edited “Where are game players going?” (in Japanese), the co-authored “Discussing on the literature of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake” (in Japanese) etc. He received a Ph.D. in science from the University of Tokyo.

Twitter: @dohjinia

Hashimoto “Terrie” Teruyuki

Hashimoto Teruyuki is a book reviewer, blogger, zinemaker at night under the pen name. She had written a monthly column titled “World SF News” in Hayakawa’s SF magazine from 2008 to 2015 and guest-edited some issues. She currently lives in Kanagawa, Japan. Her preferred pronouns are “she/her or they/their”.

Twitter: @rikka_zine

Personal project: https://rikka-zine.tumblr.com/