Video #2 Intersection of Science Fiction and Technology in Japan: Part 1

WorldCon (World Science Fiction Convention) 2020, a.k.a. CoNZealand was held online for the first time! SFS members held a panel discussion titled “Intersection of Science Fiction and Technology in Japan.” Japanese novelist, researcher, book reviewer, and science writer took the stage. This recording is the first of a three-part video of this session. In the first part, we talked about the Nikkei Hoshi Awards, which are oriented to STEM-based science fiction short stories. Surprisingly, the Awards accept short stories written by artificial intelligence as well as humans. . . . But how?

English and Japanese subtitles are available (press “C” key).

The recording was provided by the courtesy of CoNZealand.

2020年の世界SF大会(ワールドコン)はオンライン開催! 日本の小説家や研究者、ブックレビュアー、サイエンスライターが集まってSFと技術について講演した。このチャンネルでは録画動画を3本に分けてUPしてゆく。1本目の今回は、日本のSTEM SF作品にフォーカスした日経「星新一賞」について、受賞者とともに語り合う。日経「星新一賞」は人間だけでなく人工知能が書いた小説も受け付けているといった驚くべき特徴があるのだ。



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